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Public Sector Absence Management

FirstCare recognises that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to public sector absence management, thus we provide a dynamic modular service. This approach enables clients to tackle their unique absence management challenges in the most cost efficient way.
On this page you will find details of our current service offerings, along with an indication of the impact they can have on absence management issues. If none of the service offerings quite meet your needs, you can ‘design your own’ FirstCare service to integrate with your existing policies and procedures.
Finally, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and to learn how FirstCare can help you manage and reduce absence. You can therefore request a consultation with a member of our team at any time by clicking on the link provided

Nationwide Public Sector Framework

For the public sector it’s now easier than ever to implement the Firstcare service following our award as the single provider of the UK’s first Public Absence Management Framework available to any local authority, school, academy, university, college, fire & rescue service, police force, NHS body or registered charity. The framework reference number is 119701-2015 and you can get more details here.


Key Features


Key Features

Health Service Integration

Health Service Integration

RTW Interview monitoring

Online Management Information

Medical Advice And Support

Absence Recording & Notifications

Absence Monitoring

Policy alerts and referrals triggers

Dynamic TRW Interviews

Push Reports

Account Management

Payroll Integration



If you don’t see the exact combination of services you need, we’ll help you create a tailored absence management approach based on your specific challenges and budget.
Our 10 years of experience has shown FirstCare Essential Support to be the foundation you need for absence management to work effectively and deliver a return on investment. So use that as a starting point, and then we’ll work with you create a bespoke package that delivers the best outcome for all stakeholders.
Use the form below to send us your initial thoughts on the services you need. We’ll then get in touch to determine the package that will achieve your goals.
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FirstCare delivers all three. Let’s discuss your specific challenges and how the right absence management solution will help you overcome them. Get in touch by phone or email for a free consultation. Or you can request a call back using the form below.