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Private Sector Absence management: The key to greater productivity and profitability

The average organisation loses £974 per employee each year, just due to absence. When you multiply that by the number of employees in your organisation, the financial impact escalates quickly.
FirstCare are private sector absence management specialists, working with organisations across a range of industries, including transport, food and beverage production, distribution, logistics, construction, engineering and financial services. For each client we identify the key absence issues and help the client to overcome them.
Here’s an example. A transport client had a high incidence of absence among drivers complaining of back pain. Our nurses homed in on the nature of the pain and helped drivers recover more quickly. The accurate recording of the back pain meant we could analyse the absences – and we uncovered a crucial trend.
The company had two main driver shifts: the first shift left from the depot, the second shift did an en-route swap. The drivers with back pain were overwhelmingly from the second shift. We discovered this was because they didn’t have time to adjust the seat properly before they had to set off, which meant they were spending their whole shift with the previous drivers’ settings. By tackling this problem – introducing new policies and enabling earlier intervention into long-term absence – they achieved an absence reduction of 34%.
Reducing your absence rate requires a holistic approach, from early intervention to accurate insight.
This helps you address the hidden causes of absence and make sustainable changes.
The first step is to see which service level is right for you. Take a look at the overview below. We’ve designed our service to make life easier for all stakeholders involved in absence, so you’ll see features for managers, HR and IT, among others.
If you’re unsure about which is right for your organisation, let’s discuss – our consultants are standing by to advise you.


Key Features


Key Features

Health Service Integration

Health Service Integration

RTW Interview monitoring

Online Management Information

Medical Advice And Support

Absence Recording & Notifications

Absence Monitoring

Policy alerts and referrals triggers

Dynamic RTW Interviews

Push Reports

Account Management

Payroll Integration



If you don’t see the exact combination of services you need, we’ll help you create a tailored absence management approach based on your specific challenges and budget.
Our 13 years of experience has shown FirstCare Essential Support to be the foundation you need for absence management to work effectively and deliver a return on investment. So use that as a starting point, and then we’ll work with you create a bespoke package that delivers the best outcome for all stakeholders.
Use the form below to send us your initial thoughts on the services you need. We’ll then get in touch to determine the package that will achieve your goals.
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Do you want to improve productivity, streamline admin and support employees?
FirstCare delivers all three. Let’s discuss your specific challenges and how the right absence management solution will help you overcome them. Get in touch by phone or email for a free consultation. Or you can request a call back using the form below.