Walsall Housing Group
18% Absence Reduction


In 2010 Walsall Housing Group identified that significant financial and operational gains could be achieved through further reduction of sickness levels within their workforce. To achieve this they needed to both improve employee wellbeing and provide their managers with the tools needed to effectively manage absences and their causes.
FirstCare’s service was implemented in February 2010, following a 6 week process that involved the full documentation of WHG’s current absence policy, bespoke creation of required reports, an employee communication programme and full line manager training.
One of the biggest causes of sickness was musculoskeletal absence, which in February 2010 accounted for 2052 days of absence (31% of all days lost). Through use of FirstCare’s day one absence management service, the average duration of a musculoskeletal absence has been cut from 11.3 working days to just 7.6 working days. This has resulted in 692 working days delivered back to the Housing Group, helping to maintain its high standards of service. Absence has successfully fallen; from an average of 11.69 days lost per employee in 2010 to 8.34 days lost per employee in 2012.

What the client said

“Real time access to web portal information means that our managers and HR team have immediate access to data to enable them to focus on the reasons for absence levels and the colleagues who are contributing to this the most.”
Mike Sutton, Organisation Development Manager

Results From FirstCare Service

  • 18% Absence Reduction
  • Full line manager training
  • Musculoskeletal absence cut from 11.3 to 7.6 working days
  • 692 working days delivered back to WHG

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