South Northamptonshire Council
47% Absence Reduction

Project Description

In 2014, South Northamptonshire Council partnered with FirstCare to provide a Day 1 Absence Management service where absence is recorded and reported as soon as an employee is absent from work.
This process offers real-time management information enabling managers to understand how and where absence is affecting the organisation. It also allows the Council to make comparisons between different departments and sites in order to identify any problem areas, and because it is ‘real-time’ managers can act immediately on any cases which require employer support.
After the introduction of the service, the Council seen a significant reduction in employee absence, from an average of 7.5 days per incident to 4 days. There were significant savings made, for example, in the Waste Services team, it costs an average of £9.20 per hour to employ a temporary refuse and recycling collector or street cleaner to cover an absent employee.
By reducing the period of absence taken the Council has achieved and annual saving of almost £15,000 in this one area alone.

What the client said

“The savings have been substantial since the implementation of the FirstCare system, and the review of our absence”.
Gina Thomas, Human Resources Manager

Results From FirstCare Service

  • 47% Absence Reduction
  • Day one intervention and medical assistance
  • Sickness levels reduced by 47%
  • Annual cost savings

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